Neneh MC Cham

Vice Chairwoman

Neneh MC Cham is a Legal Practitioner in active private general legal practice for the past 20 years, throughout which period, she distinguished herself as one of the most prominent Human Rights Lawyers in the Gambia. She is a Legal Expert/ Consultant on Women and Children’s Rights.

Driven by her passion for the pursuit of justice for all and equal opportunities for women, children, the youth and vulnerable members of society, Neneh is particularly renowned for her work towards uplifting their legal and socio- economic status. This is demonstrated by the pro bono legal services she offers, as well as her active involvement in many professional bodies/ CSOs that share her passion and vision, both in the Gambia and abroad.

Her tenure as President of Female Lawyers Association- Gambia (FLAG), saw her register resounding success steering the affairs of the Association from 2011-2016. More recently in 2018, she served as Vice Chairperson of The Faraba Banta Commission of Inquiry established by His Excellency The President of The Republic of the Gambia.

Alongside her legal practice, she serves as Chairperson of National Agency for Legal Aid (NALA), member of the General Legal Council, Board member and legal Adviser to Gambia Women’s Chamber of Commerce (GWCC) and Forum for African Women Educationists (FAWEGAM). She is also fluent in French.

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