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Pastor Francis Forbes (55) is a Gambian, born to Gambian parents. From his early years Francis Forbes has been a high achiever with a strong desire to put his country on the map.

At the young age of fourteen, he won the WORLD PIANO PRIZE (Grade 3 Pianoforte – 1979 in Cardiff, Wales) which was a source of great pride for many Gambians at the time.

Francis Forbes attained his primary & secondary school leaving certificates in The Gambia and proceeded to pursue his university education in Nigeria (University of Nigeria, Nsukka [UNN], graduating with a B.Sc (Hons.) in Biochemistry. Sensing the call of God upon his return, he founded and started The Abiding Word Ministries – Gambia on Sunday November 5th, 1988, and has been consistent to his call and mission. He had prior become born again in August of 1979 in his native country.

For the past three decades he has carefully built his ministry with integrity and excellence, strengthening members to discover and utilize their God given potential. Many church members who have since moved on to different countries continue to give testimony to the impact of this phenomenal ministry in building them into the people that they are now.

Through his nationally popular and well-received weekly GRTS Telecast, “DISCOVERING TRUTH” Pastor Forbes has been able to reach people throughout the nation across socio-political lines for over two decades with messages on empowerment, national development, love for God and country, that have resonated deeply with many.

As a result, the name Pastor Forbes is now a household name, earning him the enviable title “The Nation’s Pastor”. DISCOVERING TRUTH has helped a lot of individuals and the nation as a whole to glean and implement the wise counsel he has so eloquently given on a weekly basis over the past 22 years. Pastor Forbes’ ability to consistently reach out with a message of hope to people across socio- political and religious lines has always placed him in unique positions to serve as an effective facilitator & mediator in many training as well as intermediary settings.

Pastor Forbes is a widely read and objective minister, whose integrity and sense of focus have been tested over time and proven untainted. A busy man, he travels regularly to fill international pulpit preaching/teaching and worship music ministry engagements and assignments.

Coaching, mentoring, advising, public speaking, counseling, are some of the other areas he fulfills God’s calling upon his life with infectious passion, simplicity and practicality, and great depth of insight, competence and 3 decades of ministry experience.

Pastor Forbes has also recently registered and started THE FORBES ACADEMY – a Public Speaking Training & Mentoring institute for all aspiring public speakers, young and adult, and the transformative results are being widely acknowledged.

Pastor Forbes was decorated in April 2008 by the Gambian presidency with the National Insignia of MEMBER OF THE ORDER OF THE REPUBLIC OF THE GAMBIA (MRG), for his spiritual, religious, educational and evangelical efforts.

He is married to Angela, a human rights lawyer and international consultant, with whom he shares his ministry.

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